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At the AGM in May 2018 a resolution was passed to review and modernise this website. The working party are now in the process of constructing a new website using new software and an alternative site hosting company. This will mean a number of changes will be made to alter how site users can use the new website.

Initially a link will be provided from this site to a prototype version of the new site.

Once the prototype site has settled down into a stable version this site will be reduced to a single Home page giving a link to the prototype site. This old site needs to be deleted from the Easily server so that the existing URL ( can be updated to point to the site on the new hosting company. At this stage club data and programme details will come from the new site via the link from the old home page. Once the update to the URL has completed the existing URL ( will point directly to the home page of the new site.

The following changes will also occur:-

Programme for this Week

Date Topic Speaker/Judge Hons (Assoc)

Sep 2018

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Tue 25th TonDig Group
Tony Hill ARPS
Thu 27th PDI Competition round 1 Paul Adams DPAGB ADPS (KCPA)  

Oct 2018

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Mon 1st Committee Meeting
Tue 2nd Enhancing your Images
No Meeting

Website changes 22/05/18

Website changes 11/05/18

Members can obtain a logon to the restricted area from the webmaster.

News for club members is now in the restricted area, only public news will appear here.